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Celal Bayar University The Journal of Social Sciences is published three times yearly by Celal Bayar University The Institute of Social Sciences. The Journal presents original and qualified articles devoted to social sciences.

The articles which possess the following characteristics can be published: 

1. Submissions to the Journal should not be published elsewhere and their copyright should not be assigned to any other journal beforehand.

2. The Journal accepts article submissions in Turkish, English, French, and German. Submissions in Turkish should follow the rules of Turkish Language Society and Turkish Language Society’s Spelling Book. At the top of the article, Turkish title of the study, Turkish and English abstracts not exceeding 200 words. Keywords not exceeding 10 should be sustained.  

3. Articles will be published in the order of as follows:

- Turkish title

- Turkish abstract

- Turkish keywords

- Title in the language of the article

- Abstract in the language of the article

- Keywords in the language of the article

- Article

- Bibliography

- Notes

4. Tittles of the topics which are in the article should be ranged with the Roman numbers like I, II, III and the sub-tittles should be ranged with the capital letters like A, B, C.  While dividing the article in parts the decimal system should be used. In the preparation, the journal’s dimensions and the general design should be taken into consideration. It is necessary to give titles and rotation numbers to the figures and tables and they should be centralized to page. Titles should be located above tables and below figures. Equations should have rotation numbers. The rotation number should be written between parentheses and it should be located in the rightmost of the page.

5. The title of the study should be written 6 cm below the top left-hand corner. In the right down of the title the name of the author or authors should be written with academic title. Institution in which he/she should be given work, contact and email addresses with the footnote marks which is written near the name in the bottom of page. If the study gets support from another institution, the name of the institution should be written with the footnote mark which is written near the title.

6. The articles should be written in MS Word format and should be sent to the e-mail address of the journal.

7. The articles should not exceed 25 pages including notes, references, and appendix.

8. The writing of the article should be written on A4 size paper, with 1.5 spaces, with Times New Roman character, with 11 font size, and for footnotes and explanation with 10 font size. Titles should be written with dark letters and summaries and footnotes with single space. Sizes of the page should be arranged according to these sizes; 2.1 cm at the left, 2.1 cm at the right, 2 cm at the top, 2.1 cm at the bottom. The size of the page in the “Special Size” should be regulated according to the size of 17 cm in the page width and 24 cm in the page height.

9. Resources which are used through quotation and citation should be shown according to parentheses system with surname, year, and page number in the end of the sentences and beside that it should be in the bibliography.  Explanations and other footnotes should be added in numerical order to the end of the text. Articles should not be given without “Bibliography”. Bibliography should be in this way:

For Journal:

ERCİLASUN, Bilge (2001), “Modern Türk Edebiyatında Ahiret Kavramı”, Türkbilig Türkoloji Araştırmaları, sayı: 2, s.40-45

For Books:,

TÜRK, İsmail (1999), Maliye Politikası, 13. Baskı, Turhan Kitabevi, Ankara.

10. Celal Bayar University The Journal of Social Sciences is a international refereed journal. Submitted articles are sent to two referees who are qualified in the related field. If there is no consensus, the article is sent to a third referee for assessment. The authors of the article are solely responsible for the content of their articles.. The articles which are not published are not returned to the author.

11. The authors of the published articles are sent one copy of the related issue.

            12. Submissions which do not conform to the publishing policies, writing rules and scientific research methods are not taken into consideration.